“As a Native American (Apache, Zuni, Tano, Aztec descent) and Spanish hybrid of the American Southwest, my core inspirations come from my home area of Pueblo, Colorado and New Mexico where my bloodline dates back to the origins of that region. I gather energy from that area of my life and my personal approach and outlook. In my jewelry designs, I try to envision what energetic forms look like and create pieces with the fluidity and movement that’s no longer bound to a body, a freeform being, symbol or creature with new senses and an evolved intelligence. All of my pieces are full of symbolism and have a narrative that resonates with the wearer consciously and subconsciously. I think of jewelry as a form of protection and an enhancer of one's personality, so originality and boldness embody my work and I hope it inspires the wearers to express their inner power as well.”


Ken Fury is a contemporary artist based in New York City. His jewelry specializes in one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces that are handmade by him in his studio using traditional metalsmithing techniques. His jewelry sculptures are another facet of his body of artwork and have been featured in art galleries in New York City, boutiques, film productions, and publications. Ken Fury started making jewelry in 2006, he is self-taught and a graduate of Studio Jewelers Ltd. in Manhattan where he learned and refined his metalsmithing skills.